Hello everyone, I’m Kenneth, the gin maker here at Gin Laboratory.

Gin Laboratory, today, is a place for gin fans to have fun, learn, experience and even create their own gin – but as I opened up this little distillery to welcome gin fans from around the world – it seemed that the whole world decided to close down…

That being said, the pandemic provided some much-needed time to start afresh, go back to the drawing board on a few things and of course make lots more lovely gin.

To date, i’ve welcomed hundreds upon hundreds of gin aficionados to a unique way of experiencing gin – right in the centre of our laboratory, which is chock-full of metal, glass and copper distilling gizmo’s.

“Not just another distillery tour or the same old gin tasting… Kenneth was so much fun – if he doesn’t know something about gin, it probably isn’t worth knowing…”

John W

Mostly, distilleries make gin by adding a mix of alcohol and botanicals to their still, before distilling and bottling the results. During a gin experience you are able to sample each botanical separately, for you to blend together and enjoy with tonic – so, we distill over 40 botanicals one-at-a-time on suitably small equipment.

Experiences at Gin Laboratory are hosted by yours truly. We can accommodate groups of up to six people and there are various sessions available each day from Thursday to Saturday.

See you soon!

Kenneth Campbell

Gin Maker