Hello, I’m Kenneth, the gin maker here at Gin Laboratory and just to say, we already have one thing in common - we love gin, right?

It's why I built Gin Laboratory, a micro-distillery chock-full of metal, glass + copper distilling gizmo’s, which I operate myself + make gin in a fairly unique way. I wanted to create a place + other ways that folks like us could experience the science + art of gin – and what a whirlwind journey it has been...

Gin recipes are usually kept secret and distilled in one go using alcohol and a recipe of botanicals, Juniper Berries, Coriander Seeds, Citrus Peels and so on... which is fine if everyone receives the same gin, but, as I wanted you to experience + create your own gin, I distill + bottle over 40 gin-elements separately, by hand, so that you can sample, explore, blend and overall, experience gin in what is a fun/immersive gin tasting.

Over the last few years I've welcomed thousands of gin aficionados through the doors from all over the world + we've recently started offering a gin experience at various events around Scotland.

#Experience + Create Your Own Gin

Experiences are hosted + guided by an ambassador - It's good sciencey fun with gin. You'll use all manner of pipettes, syringes and beakers, explore the flavours and elements of gin, before blending them together to create 3 personalised gins to enjoy with ice, a slice and tonic. You'll also create a bottle of #personal-gin, each, to your own recipe at your gin experience.

Experiences are £35pp + £20 per bottle of #personal-gin, are 90mins and are available every Wednesday to Saturday at 12.30pm, 3.30pm + 6.30pm, for up to 8 people (4 minimum).


It's the same gin experience, only this time its at your place/event.

We provide the host, sets of gin-elements, beakers, syringes + more, glasses etc and you provide the venue + gin explorers!

- Tables + Chairs
- Indoors
- A quieter area (away from any hubbub)
- Folks sat with approx an A4 sized space in front of them
- Sat where they can at least turn their head to follow along
Experiences are for up to 6*,10 + 20 people

*Experiences of less than 10 people are subject to a £fee

We currently cover Dunfermline/Fife + Perth & Kinross – Other locations are subject to a £fee + pending availability etc

Personal-Gins are posted to one UK address after the event.

Get in touch and we can chat specifics...

See you soon!

Kenneth Campbell

Gin Maker