A special message from Kenneth at Gin Laboratory

In 2023 I would love to add a super nice vertical herb garden to our outside wall ( a free learning resource for Kinross ) and it would be so much fun to get out and about to local markets in a smashing presentation trailer…

So the plan is to launch a crowdfunder campaign in February 2023! Where you’ll be offered a package of rewards!

For £100 only, you’ll receive:

A Gin Experience for 4 people (Worth £140)


A 250ml bottle of gin EACH (Worth £60)

And obvs – you’ll get that warm feeling inside having supported a local business and of course when you drink lots of lovely gin/whilst drinking responsibly please* 😉 (Worth ∞)

As to campaign requirements we need to be fully funded in less than 30 days – Phew! so rather than chasing (walking quick and waving) people down the high street or text messaging till my fingers are sore, I thought that it would be worth gauging interest with a wee form on our website/below…

Support us, get gin/warm feelings and have fun at Gin Laboratory with your nearest and dearest – what’s not to love!

Thanks Kenneth x